Friday, May 12, 2006

Live, little blog! LIVE!

I keep trying to update this but I end up losing my focus, writing entirely too much on things that only interest me and maybe 2.4 other people. So, let's do a whirlwind update of the past month:
  • Almost lost my job, but things are looking pretty safe for next year.
  • Got new fancy bedding for my apartment and also added some wall decorations to my bedroom. Next on the list: curtains.
  • Went to Madison and had a grand old time. Came back with some furniture...the apartment is rounding itself out more and more.
  • Took my first day off all year on Monday, just because I needed a break.
  • Then I ended up taking another day off today, because I was sick. The whole year, I planned NOT to be sick. Funny how these things work.
  • Decided I would sew my first skirt with a zipper, using this pattern. I finished the zipper part and surprisingly, it works. I'll finish the rest soon.
On the horizon: SUMMER. Really, that is all that matters.