Monday, April 20, 2009


All few of you: until further notice, this blog is being moved.

Comments are enabled, so it'll be pretty much like here, but with extra stuff, a different url, a different name, but otherwise completely and totally the same!

Add it to your RSS reader of choice, or just click follow if already on tumblr.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

places i exist on the internet.

I'm having a blog problem, and have been for quite some time. The problem is that I never quite know what to do with this place. I'm not very inspired to write here, and when I do it seems to take forever.

Meanwhile, I love my tumblr. I can collect pretty things I find on the internet, post very short tidbits, and hell, even call in and ramble on my birthday. I like the way it looks, and often I am looking for things to make it look even nicer. My tumblr doesn't have comments, but I get feedback via the little liking heart.

More importantly, people actually pay attention to my tumblr. I don't mean to complain, but this blog has been around forever and has a small handful of google reader subscribers. Meanwhile, my tumblr has twice as many readers on google, and TEN TIMES as many followers on the tumblr site. Most of my hits here come from people searching for pictures of ______. My last haiku post, when posted on tumblr, got three little "liking" hearts fairly immediately. Here? Tumbleweeds. Silence. Some hits, but only after I hawked the link on twitter a day later.

I don't really know what logical conclusions to make from this, but the possibly convoluted ones I come up are along these lines:

1. People don't like reading what I write and would rather look at pretty pictures of my choosing.
2. People don't like reading bloggy type blogs in general and would rather look at pretty pictures. (And hey, I am quite honestly one of those people.)
3. This has nothing to do with me, but rather Tumblr is just a much more active and social site which encourages participation amongst followers.
4. Maybe the issue is just promotion, and I should promote this more, but really, this is only the eighth time this year I've updated. What is there to promote?
5. I should probably just move this entire operation to tumblr and call it a day.

Right?! EXCEPT. I have this silly idea in my head that tumblr is not a place to post long-winded anything, it is a place for links, and short quotes, and pictures to scan. Nothing more than a paragraph. I get annoyed when I see very lengthy posts thinking, tumblr is not your blog! It's where you post things you enjoy with little or no commentary! But maybe this idea is wrong, as I guess this whole internet thing evolves or something.

There are places that can juggle this whole blog versus tumblr thing. Such as bits and bobbins. The site is mostly text, with some pictures of course. The tumblr is pictures and quotes, with very little additional text. A perfect website marriage, but can I really pull that off? Not so sure.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

my trip, in haiku

mumbles nyc
misunderstanding cafe
try the gruh mah blah

oh oh uniqlo
seller of cheap threads, soho
my best purchases

ruins, haunting, beautiful
perfect with the rain


cute boys in Philly
smile after eye contact
here and nowhere else

the liberty bell
symbol of freedom and all
kind of a big yawn


got on bus that left "early"
Penn Station, that way

hello, dear Brooklyn
sorry I did not see you
'cept the museum


oh look, here I am
on avenue A again
with new companions

below the seven
is a wonderful building
covered with color


tried without success
topshop and magnolia
lines around the block

black and white pudding
is not actually pudding
but meat, so much meat

irish breakfast

dear northwest airlines
are you delta or compass or
just late all the time?

[crossposted for experimental reasons]