Monday, November 13, 2006

good things as of late

fall dinner

A hideously autumnesque dinner
Pumpkin and Black Bean Soup and spinach craisin salad. [Oh, and I hate Rachael Ray and the fact that I can't even buy wheat thins without seeing her face, but I read Shelterrific and I can't help it that they keep linking good looking recipies by RACHEL RAY.]

Paper Television, The Blow
So so good. Pretty soon this blog will become "Reasons why I love the Blow." Best CD I've bought this year! (Ok, there's only two on that list.)

Common Good Books
So, Garrison Keillor himself opened a new bookstore in my neighborhood. Now, I'm not a huge fan of Garrison. But I gotta say, his bookstore is damn cute. Of course it's filled to the brim with Garrison books, a Garrison director's chair, and uh...Praire Home Companion was playing while I happened to be there. But! If we can get past that, I love it. It's bright and airy even though it's in a basement, and it's small enough to actually facilitate browsing. If I go to Barnes and Noble I just become overwhelmed and flustered unless I have a specific goal in mind. But not here, oh no! I could go through the entire store and find goodies I've never heard of! So hooray for an independent bookstore that might actually stand a chance of staying afloat solely due to its connection to Garrison* himself.

*I'm disgusted that I managed to namedrop him so much.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

my lunar love affair.

Every month I fall in love with the moon. At first it's a sliver that doesn't really catch my eye. I shrug my shoulders and look away. As it grows and grows I just go about my normal ways, fairly unenchanted with what's in front of me. And then when I least expect it, it hits me. I see it, full and glorious, and I gasp as if a lover has touched me in just the right spot. And I am entranced, my eyes wide, following whatever path I need to just to have it in my view, staring through my sunroof while I drive, almost wanting to drive off the road so I can gaze with my mouth agape. Sometimes I run to find a camera, to get a picture to remember it by, but it never comes out right. And so my brief tryst remains secret and mysterious, to be forgotten as quickly as the moon wanes.