Sunday, November 05, 2006

my lunar love affair.

Every month I fall in love with the moon. At first it's a sliver that doesn't really catch my eye. I shrug my shoulders and look away. As it grows and grows I just go about my normal ways, fairly unenchanted with what's in front of me. And then when I least expect it, it hits me. I see it, full and glorious, and I gasp as if a lover has touched me in just the right spot. And I am entranced, my eyes wide, following whatever path I need to just to have it in my view, staring through my sunroof while I drive, almost wanting to drive off the road so I can gaze with my mouth agape. Sometimes I run to find a camera, to get a picture to remember it by, but it never comes out right. And so my brief tryst remains secret and mysterious, to be forgotten as quickly as the moon wanes.

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Yai said...

I used to love moon gazing when I lived in Arizona. The land was so flat with the mountains in the distance so it was perfect for seeing the sky. You could get and even better view if you hiked up one of the mountains. Sorry to get so nostalgic on you but here in Pennsylvania there are so many hills and trees that seeing the moon is difficult.