Thursday, July 28, 2005

worms are fun when they're not in your leg

David Sedaris in the New Yorker

Two fun things as of late.
1. I left my car windows open and it started raining. While I was drying off the inside I found a change drawer, that after a year of ownership, I never knew was there. It was so full of change it was really hard to open.
2. Yesterday I bought an eggplant (among other things) at Super Target. The cashier kept paging through the produce codes, continually leafing until she finally asked, "What is this?" I tried to pass off my amused grin as being caused by a nearby baby.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

podcasts shmodcasts

The types of stories my mother tells
Sadly, I'm sure I will tell stories the exact same way when I'm a mom. Sigh.

So today I spent, well, way too much time wandering around various DIY/independent websites, looking at homemade bags and skirts and jewellry that all the crafty folk are selling. Lots of cute stuff, some horribly overpriced. But I think this vulva hand bag is the funniest. "Conceal all your personal female hygiene items (like tampons!) in this chic little hand-bag." Yes. Because if I honestly feel the need to hide my tampons (god forbid!!), I'm going to carry them around in a hideous furry vagina so NO ONE KNOWS WHAT IS INSIDE. It looks more like a muppet smoking a tampon than a purse.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

i want candy

Google Moon
Things I love: 1) The moon. 2) Big dorks. 3) Cheese.

15 pound homemade gummy bear!
My sister and I have wanted to do a similar thing with meltaway mints. It would be a work of art.

Designers vote on colors associated with the days of the week and make shirts
I don't know, this doesn't seem right at all. The only one that makes sense to me is Sunday.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

i like to ride my bicycle

Shameless celebrity haircut link
Only posted because when I saw it, I thought...Brad Pitt got breast implants and is wearing a dress? Not even kidding. Click. Learn.

Now you can buy The Postal Service from the Postal Service!
Is that really how they got the name? I never knew.


Monday, July 18, 2005

what's your favorite word?

My Favorite Word
Asking me my favorite word is like asking me my favorite movie: there's a lot that I like but it's really hard to pinpoint a favorite. Right now I'm tempted to add "moist" but it seems very childish.

Slow day, eh.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

yeah, it's been a while.

Classic novels for ADD readers
All are 250 words or less. I've read 6 of those, I think. (Why can I never remember the books I was forced to read in high school?)

I'm currently at Unicorn University majoring in English, with a concentration in Unicorn Poetry
I am so getting published once I graduate.

Wow! The only two movies I'm really interested in seeing this summer come out this weekend.
If you were curious, they are Me and You and Everyone We Know and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which I keep wanting to call Willy Wonka, dammit.

I've been ridiculously tired this week and I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the heat. Maybe I have mono. Maybe it's because those 8-year-olds we played kickball with last night really wore me out. Ayy.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

books and stuff.

Guy Takes Picture of Everything He Eats in a Year, Puts in Book
Wow, just wow. I want to see that.

Q and Not U to split
Sucks, just sucks.

The anal-retentive method for finishing library books on time
I prefer renewing a book twice (the maximum), returing it, checking it out again and renewing it twice more, and finally finishing it as my parents drive me to move into my freshman dorm. That was Catch-22 by the way, which is now one of my favorite books even if it did take me so long to read. Speaking of books, Everything is Illuminated is due tomorrow, and I still have 50 pages left. Totally doable, but that unexpected phone call really threw me off course. MUST READ.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

radio, radio.

NPR bit about Arkansas also features Sufjan Stevens
Honestly, I would say more Sufjan, less bird story, but okay. At the very least, you can download his song about Arkansas at that link. I hope his next CD isn't about Arkansas. No offense! Stay with the midwest, that's good stuff.

Speaking of music about states...
The Current presents "50" songs for 50 states, aired on the 4th.
I wonder how many people listened to the whole thing. But the playlist looks pretty solid.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

ode to ridiculous weather icons

Galleries of weather icons!!
I am always thoroughly amused by yahoo!'s weather icons, so these pages, well, FLOOR me. My personal faves:

This is a rare phenomenon indeed, the thunderstorm hat/moon eclipse.

I don't know either! Weather icon, you are not helping!!

Ooohh, this is just a mess. Think I'll stay inside.

It's so foggy I hardly even know that it's foggy!!

There's a chance of dusty horizontal blinds!


4 day weeks are almost as good as 3-day weekends

How to Make Pizza!
Exciting. Now I can master my pizza making ways. Only, how the hell am I supposed to eat two pizzas? Who wants to come over?

Eco-Car more efficient than lightbulb
This wins for most disappointing headline link ever. The car looks like a lightbulb and tops out at 30 miles per hour.

Slideshow History of the Vibrator
"By 1917, there were more vibrators than toasters in American homes." Huh, I wonder what the ratio is now. It's like..devolution.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

mini pop culture review

So, after watching TRL for about 15 minutes and some other stuff on MTV, here is what I have learned.

1. It's a really good thing that Destiny's Child is breaking up.
No, I don't hate them. But that new song, "Cater 2 You" (Cater 2 U?), is just awful. Seriously bad. For one, the lyrics are completely submissive and contrary to the days of "Independent Woman" and singing about payin' their automobills. Not to mention, THIS SONG IS JUST CRAP, END OF STORY. Whatever happened to the beats from Bootylicious? I hope Beyonce has a good solo career.

2. My Chemical Romance.
More like My Chemical Induced Suicide Isn't Working Fast Enough. Ok, that was super lame, but WHY are they on MTV???

3. Gwen Stefani = way cute as a brunette.
Also, "Hollaback Girl" is still awesome, and I will stand by that until I get sick of it.

4. I can't believe they replaced NEXT with Date My Mom.
I curse American Pie and Fountains of Wayne for this whole hot mom bonanza that's gone on for way too long. And as a sucker for cheesy dating shows, I can say that Date My Mom is the most horribly scripted and incredibly lame dating show of all time. At least on other horribly scripted shows they could incorporate some drama and scandalousness, but no. Not on this super happy, let's hug and twirl while the sun sets behind us piece of crap show! Bring back Next, please.

Until next time.

Friday, July 01, 2005

first post of july, woo?

Sculptures made from unwanted CDs
This reminds of those days in elementary school when we would bring in garbage and try to make "art" out of it. And it always looked like crap. This is much better, seriously.

Pedestrian Hacker Group Releases Crosswalk Button Hacks
1. "Pedestrian hackers" makes me think of serial killers with a penchant for walkers.
2. "For the love of humanity, can't you people just jaywalk?" hahah TRUE. You don't need a frickin' hack to "walk without oppression."