Sunday, July 03, 2005

mini pop culture review

So, after watching TRL for about 15 minutes and some other stuff on MTV, here is what I have learned.

1. It's a really good thing that Destiny's Child is breaking up.
No, I don't hate them. But that new song, "Cater 2 You" (Cater 2 U?), is just awful. Seriously bad. For one, the lyrics are completely submissive and contrary to the days of "Independent Woman" and singing about payin' their automobills. Not to mention, THIS SONG IS JUST CRAP, END OF STORY. Whatever happened to the beats from Bootylicious? I hope Beyonce has a good solo career.

2. My Chemical Romance.
More like My Chemical Induced Suicide Isn't Working Fast Enough. Ok, that was super lame, but WHY are they on MTV???

3. Gwen Stefani = way cute as a brunette.
Also, "Hollaback Girl" is still awesome, and I will stand by that until I get sick of it.

4. I can't believe they replaced NEXT with Date My Mom.
I curse American Pie and Fountains of Wayne for this whole hot mom bonanza that's gone on for way too long. And as a sucker for cheesy dating shows, I can say that Date My Mom is the most horribly scripted and incredibly lame dating show of all time. At least on other horribly scripted shows they could incorporate some drama and scandalousness, but no. Not on this super happy, let's hug and twirl while the sun sets behind us piece of crap show! Bring back Next, please.

Until next time.


sarah said...

Oh man, I HATE "Hollaback Girl"!! I think it's terrible. It could be so good and all that, but I just think it's so boring compared to some of her other songs. There's like, no melody or something.

e said...

but the TUBAS!!!