Sunday, July 24, 2005

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The types of stories my mother tells
Sadly, I'm sure I will tell stories the exact same way when I'm a mom. Sigh.

So today I spent, well, way too much time wandering around various DIY/independent websites, looking at homemade bags and skirts and jewellry that all the crafty folk are selling. Lots of cute stuff, some horribly overpriced. But I think this vulva hand bag is the funniest. "Conceal all your personal female hygiene items (like tampons!) in this chic little hand-bag." Yes. Because if I honestly feel the need to hide my tampons (god forbid!!), I'm going to carry them around in a hideous furry vagina so NO ONE KNOWS WHAT IS INSIDE. It looks more like a muppet smoking a tampon than a purse.

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