Monday, November 13, 2006

good things as of late

fall dinner

A hideously autumnesque dinner
Pumpkin and Black Bean Soup and spinach craisin salad. [Oh, and I hate Rachael Ray and the fact that I can't even buy wheat thins without seeing her face, but I read Shelterrific and I can't help it that they keep linking good looking recipies by RACHEL RAY.]

Paper Television, The Blow
So so good. Pretty soon this blog will become "Reasons why I love the Blow." Best CD I've bought this year! (Ok, there's only two on that list.)

Common Good Books
So, Garrison Keillor himself opened a new bookstore in my neighborhood. Now, I'm not a huge fan of Garrison. But I gotta say, his bookstore is damn cute. Of course it's filled to the brim with Garrison books, a Garrison director's chair, and uh...Praire Home Companion was playing while I happened to be there. But! If we can get past that, I love it. It's bright and airy even though it's in a basement, and it's small enough to actually facilitate browsing. If I go to Barnes and Noble I just become overwhelmed and flustered unless I have a specific goal in mind. But not here, oh no! I could go through the entire store and find goodies I've never heard of! So hooray for an independent bookstore that might actually stand a chance of staying afloat solely due to its connection to Garrison* himself.

*I'm disgusted that I managed to namedrop him so much.


Yai said...

I just discovered The Blow myself and I find myself enjoying it as well :)

The pumpkin and Black bean Soup looks pretty good actualy. So how did it tatse? And is there a recipe to the spinach craisin salad?

e said...


I really liked the has spices in it to give it some kick. Yet it's still comforting. So, it's good.

The salad has a recipe somewhere, but it's basically spinach, craisins, feta, and balsamic vinegar dressing. You could also add almonds and onions if you want to get fancy.

Slowreader said...

What other CD did you buy?

Anonymous said...
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