Sunday, April 05, 2009

my trip, in haiku

mumbles nyc
misunderstanding cafe
try the gruh mah blah

oh oh uniqlo
seller of cheap threads, soho
my best purchases

ruins, haunting, beautiful
perfect with the rain


cute boys in Philly
smile after eye contact
here and nowhere else

the liberty bell
symbol of freedom and all
kind of a big yawn


got on bus that left "early"
Penn Station, that way

hello, dear Brooklyn
sorry I did not see you
'cept the museum


oh look, here I am
on avenue A again
with new companions

below the seven
is a wonderful building
covered with color


tried without success
topshop and magnolia
lines around the block

black and white pudding
is not actually pudding
but meat, so much meat

irish breakfast

dear northwest airlines
are you delta or compass or
just late all the time?

[crossposted for experimental reasons]

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chandlerguera said...

I love these pics, especially the graffiti!