Tuesday, January 03, 2006

8th grade reading level

I haven't had a ton of time to read lately, so my solution has been to read more young people's fiction. Young adult fiction? Whatever it's called. Books for middle schoolers, essentially. I started off borrowing Hey Hmong Girl, Whassup? from a colleague. It's not the best written thing ever, but has all the essential teenage fiction elements...romance, fights with friends, family woes and gangs. Then I read Godless, by Pete Hautman. Very interesting. It's one of those books that one could read at 14, then again at 24 and get that much more out of it. Which is why I hold on to my Louis Sachar books so dearly. Anyway, now I'm reading the third Harry Potter in the hopes that by the time the finale hits the shelves I will FINALLY be caught up.

In other news, a new year has begun, my break is over, I moved into my first very own apartment, and I enter my mid-20s in a little over a month. I guess that means I'm reaching adulthood, even if you can't tell by my book choices.

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