Sunday, April 09, 2006

these links are FIERCE

I know I need to tell you about my trip to New York and whatnot, but I'm too tired for that right now. So, links!

Tyra does a show on myspace
Just reading the description is almost enough. "He said he used the site to make friends and make out!" Hahaha. Fabulous.

Grups! The new, hip grown-ups
This is a little long, but I could see myself being a grup in ten years. Of course, in ten years there will be some new name for us and no one will have ipods, but like....I don't know, super computer robot companions that fit in one's pocket? Like I said, I'm tired.

Maybe I'll go to Guatemala instead of Costa Rica or Argentina
This place sounds too good to be true. Learning Spanish on the beach! All-inclusive! If you look under What Makes Studying in Puerto Viejo a little different section, one of the reasons is hammocks. Hammocks, my friends. I am SO THERE.

Pictures from my trip, to tide you over
I finally got a pro flickr account. Whee.


Tim said...

Thank you for the Grups article -- it's creepy as I'm about to raise a kid and we've already banned the Wiggles from the house and have planned on teaching our kids good music from early on...I like grups better than yupsters or yindies, anyway.


Miketastic said...

ahaha tim, i just emailed the article to you after reading it via erica's blog.

Erica, that was a really good article. I might blog about it on MMJ later.

e said...

Oh you kids. I mean, oh you grups.