Monday, July 31, 2006


I have decided to revive my blog from Guatemala, as a way of keeping a travel journal. My flight from Atlanta to here was over 3 hours late, but my ride from the school was still at the airport waiting for me. During the ride I was pretty quiet and tired and just took in the many mountains and trees. Some funniness...we listened to the musico tipico de Guatemala, with the exception of...¨My heart will go on.¨ Haha. I got into Antigua and met my host family and also my home for the next two weeks..and at first I wondered what I had gotten myself into since I was here alone with really bad Spanish. After I got dinner I met other people staying with my family, and today at school I met many new people who are all very friendly. Classes were good but somewhat difficult...this is good though. I am definitely starting to really understand what many of my students go through every day. Ah, tengo hambre. Adios!

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Hillary said...

So not in a stalker-esque way, I stumbled onto some random message board where you posted requesting the "Fifty Nifty United States" song. I don't know how long ago you asked but I have a copy of the song if you're still interested.

If you are, you can email me at and i can send it to you. :)