Saturday, November 19, 2005

the perfect breakfast

I have discovered the perfect Saturday morning/early afternoon breakfast. First, I put on a pot of tea. [Quick aside - I am stupidly attached to using the teapot my old roommate got me when it is actually quite slow at boiling water. I really should listen to this article, but like I said, stupidly attached.] Then, in one skillet, I start frying up some hash browns in oil. While these are all a sizzlin', I prepare my eggs (3 whites, 1 yolk, and milk, all scrambled with salt and pepper). I also shred some pepper jack cheese. When the hash browns are starting to brown, I start frying the scrambled eggs in butter. Now my tea is I get that good to go (milk and sugar, please). Now! The grand finale...since the hash browns are almost done, I put the scrambled eggs in the skillet with them, and then add the shredded cheese. I fry this for about a minute until it becomes a gooey, cheesey, eggy, hash-browny pile of goodness. Then I put it on a plate and add some ketchup, drink my tea, and read the paper. MMMM.

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