Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I am sitting at home waiting for my sister to come home so I can borrow money to buy food and tea. Because I realized on the drive home that I had left my purse in my desk at school, something I knew was bound to happen eventually. I thought of turning that car around right then and there, but I also realized that I would be back at school in about 13 hours, and I can live without my cell phone and wallet for 13 hours. Also, that is super sad. My life is consumed with work right now. I should be working now, but screw it for the time being. Oh yes, and I do have food AND tea in the house, but I need to go to a coffee shop with paid wireless so I can actually get work done. Yeah, it's complicated.

The odd thing is, I actually have gotten used to my early waking hours. I sort of like my 6:15 am drive to work. It's so dark and quiet and peaceful. I still haven't gotten my stereo fixed so I sing and talk to myself and no one knows cause it's pitch black out!

Here's what I want, for now and the future:
-my own place closer to work
-travel. Hopefully someplace domestic over spring break, and someplace foreign over the summer.

I'm gonna go dig around the house for money now.

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