Wednesday, May 02, 2007

it has sprung.

It hinted, it hid, it came out again and ran away, I saw it in Seattle and came back to 30 degrees, but finally I can say that it is here, with confidence. Yes, spring is here.

For the past week I have taking in the buds on the trees, the warmth, the ability to wear a sundress (with a cardigan) without feeling like I'm jumping the gun, the blossoms, the faint scent of lilacs as I run, and birds happily chirping when I go to work with the sun out.

Pretty soon the trees on my street and others will be reaching out across the cars and people below them, making a beautiful arch of green. Don't you love that?


willikat said...

i do love that! and i love the smell of grass. someone was cutting grass yesterday--that means spring is here. and nothing is more exciting when you see those first visible tree buds popping. a spring day is my favorite time of year.

e said...

I wish it were just a tiiiiny bit warmer. That's all.

thom said...

it's always spring time here.. unless it's summer, then it's just goddamn hot. (or so i've heard)

e said...

Oh yeah, you're in nola now, right?? Hot.