Thursday, May 17, 2007

more pictures of cupcakes (and a story).


I made cupcakes for Mother's Day, and when I told my sister they were vegan, it brought the inevitable questions: "Do they have tofu in them?* And why would you make vegan cupcakes if you're not vegan?" A fair question deserves a fair answer.

This is why you make vegan cupcakes. You are in college and you are working, erm, volunteering at a coffee shop that is almost entirely employed by volunteers. It is warm, friendly, has cheap coffee and cheap homemade lunch, and you bake there for an afternoon once a week. But it is mostly run by volunteers, and sometimes things don't get done when people aren't getting paid. You make vegan cupcakes because one day you are supposed to bake, and there are no eggs. No eggs! You make vegan cupcakes because you found a recipe in the Joy of Cooking that looks simple, has no eggs, has no tofu, and also has none of that weird fake egg in a box stuff that's sitting on the shelf. (You are not a vegan baker by trade, and you are afraid of the non-eggs in a box.) You make vegan cupcakes because not only is there a vegan cake recipe, there is a frosting recipe that can easily be made vegan with coffee and soy butter.* You make vegan cupcakes because you know your audience - vegans come to eat here, as do people who won't run away at the mention of vegan dessert. You make vegan cupcakes because they look like snow covered chocolate mountains when you sprinkle them with powdered sugar. You continue to make vegan cupcakes because the people love them and they say, "I can't believe they're vegan!"

There's your answer. That's why you make vegan cupcakes.

*(I did make a cake with tofu once. It wasn't good. This isn't to say it can never be good, but I probably won't repeat that again.)
*(Also, I didn't make these particular cupcakes with vegan frosting because I'm not vegan, and what's the point?)

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