Thursday, November 29, 2007

coat conundrum.

With the first major snowfall expected to arrive this weekend, it's time to face the facts:
  • Winter is here.
  • It was 10 degrees today.
  • I am pretty much always cold.
  • I don't like muttering "fuck" every morning when I head out the door.
  • The last time I spent more than $50 of my own money on a coat was..well, never.
With all of these in mind, I figured now is the time to spend some hard earned money on a coat that is cute and warm. And hell, it's even okay to splurge a bit because coats are important in Minnesota.

Sounds easy, right? No. The problem is simple: cute coats are rarely warm. Coats built for warmth are always lacking just a bit in fashion. They look similar enough, but something is off and you can tell at first glance.

But I was (am?) determined. I started looking at J. Crew, and found some promising coats that I wouldn't want to buy without at least trying a few on. Which is how I ended up at the Mall of America tonight strutting around the store in this:

Yes, it's very cute. It's green and adorable and it feels like it is made out of NOTHING. And so I very sadly put it back on the rack and sighed, and moved on, emboldened to find the perfect coat.

I stopped at Macy's and immediately walked past the grays, browns, blacks, and creams. I needed color and would not settle for anything less at this point. Okay, or maybe patterns, like in this one:

Maybe it was just me acclimating to the mall climate, but somehow this one felt warmer. And it is rather cute as well. But I still can't shake the fact that I would be paying what I used to pay on rent for a coat that just isn't that warm. Perhaps that's the sacrifice we all make: cute and cold, or warm and dowdy.


tim j said...

I have pulled my coat out as well, and it's the same one that's served me the last few seasons. Have you checked LL Bean's online catalog? Their stuff is tough as nails, has a lifetime warranty (seriously) and may actually be stylish? I'm not sure what you're looking for, but they are high quality and warm.

willikat said...

some of j crew's coats have thinsulate in them and that keeps you pretty dang warm. also, that second coat? my brother just bought it in black for his girlfriend and it is so adorable. the high collar would at least keep out the wind?

e said...

Tim, I checked out LL Bean and it's not quite what I'm looking for. Unless I want to get a long puffy coat, and then I think I'd go with North Face.

Kat - yes, sadly the green doesn't have the thinsulate option. This one does and is a possibility, though. Maybe in red?