Sunday, April 13, 2008


I'm a firm believer in taking things that are less than satisfactory and reinventing them. Such as this coat:


I got it at Target a few years ago, right after my car got broken into and they took some other stupid coat I had. It's a large, and I don't know if I've lost that much weight in the meantime or I've learned to buy clothes that fit (I think a combination of both), but it's just dumpy enough that I never ever wear it.

I was about to just give it away while cleaning out my closet earlier this year, but I thought it had fact, maybe just move the buttons in to cinch it a bit? Maybe add colored buttons to make it more interesting?

I didn't get around to it until today, when the odd weather sent me searching for suitable jacket. [Also exciting: I found an old pair of sunglasses in the pocket of my thrift store trench coat.] I managed to find enough buttons in my collection of crap to make this formerly stupid coat new. Yay!


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