Thursday, October 16, 2008

i have confidence in shopping.

Without getting into the details, it hasn't been the best week. I was at my sister's yesterday and she was giving tips on what I could do to cheer up, one of which was shopping. For instance, I could buy a new fancy winter coat! And we laughed about how it seems absurd to spend so much money what with the economy and all, but screw it! I have consumer confidence even if no one else does. Which of course, only made us think changing the lyrics to "I Have Confidence" from The Sound of Music:

I have confidence in dresses!
I have confidence in coats!

Moving on. (And please note, I don't actually condone the wanton spending of money just for the sake of buying things, but I do condone carefully selected purchases that can keep one happy for number of seasons.) I'm looking at coats once again. I've been looking mostly at the Soia Kyo site, a brand I fell in love with last year.

Eh? What do we think? Of course, I am still concerned that either will be fabulously cute but not at all warm, which makes it even more ridiculous to spend more than $300 on a coat.

(I also want new boots, but I'm having trouble finding the perfect version of those as well.)


Mace Elaine said...

My mother thinks I should get this coat: I would agree, except that I just got a ticket for talking to her on the phone whilst driving, which ended up being $92, so there goes that. Feh.

e said...

It's cute, but it looks not warm at all. (Which mine probably aren't either...sigh)

Also, sorry about the ticket! Boo.

willikat said...

both are super super cute. i have a friend with a coat from this designer, and she says it's warm (and she's always cold). it looks a little like coat #2, like she's a british secret agent.
i love the purple color.