Monday, October 20, 2008

weekend, footnoted.

I had a truly splendid weekend. It included happy hour, lots of book reading1, a somewhat disappointing trip to the apple orchard/pumpkin patch2 (yet it produced many lovely pictures of my niece devouring a caramel apple), getting songs by a fictional twee band stuck in my head, the farmer's market3, biking to dinkytown4, creme brulee at brunch5, having happily exhausted legs, and making a filling Sunday dinner all for myself6.

1. Night of the Gun, David Carr
2. Basically, it was too effing busy and you had to wait in line at least half an hour to buy any pumpkins or apples, and it didn't produce any of the fun or magical feelings of the pumpkin fields of years past.
3. I bought so much squash. A fall harvesta, if you will.
4. Yes, biking! My dad managed to once again snag a bike for me the day before we were set to go shopping for a new bike. It's the least cute of my many bikes, but it works the best. It'll be good for the fall, and perhaps the winter. Not a fan of straight handlebars, though.
5. At Loring Pasta Bar with Andy, after realizing we were never going to make it into Al's Breakfast.
6. Boulangarie Beans from Bittman's How To Cook Everything Vegetarian

a. A Fall Harvest not to be confused with my new euphemism for the bounty of lads or ladies, whatever your preference, that should be available to all single folk. As in, "Don't worry about her, she is but one moldy pumpkin of the fall harvest."

Ah hell. Let's just be an annoying aunt and put the picture of the niece right in here, instead of begging you to click.


(sorry? not really, you love it.)


willikat said...

Is there still lots o good stuff at the farmers' market? I haven't been in a few weeks. I do love squash...

e said...

I was super surprised at how much there was...there's still a wide variety, and most of it is the stuff that will keep longer. I think they close around Halloween (I overheard that).