Thursday, February 19, 2009

neighborhood love.

I have been feeling a LOT of malaise with my apartment lately - for instance, right now I want to rearrange all my furniture and paint all the walls, and yet certain built-ins and a supposed no painting policy are getting in the way of that.

So while I'm feeling bored with my abode, I have to remind myself that there is a lot of awesomeness in my neighborhood, my dear Cathedral Hill. Three examples.

1. Mango Thai Restaurant

(photo courtesy of their website)

This space popped sometime in late summer, I think, and I was taken aback when I ran by. What used to be a sad, tiny looking thai place now had people inside, tables outside, fancy lights, and sidewalk heaters? And yet it still took me months to actually eat there. Yes, the food is tasty, especially the super fresh spring rolls, beautifully presented. They don't have a liquor license, so it's BYOB! A perfect date scenario would be as such: spring evening, walk from my place to Solo Vino, tell them we're going to eat Thai food, please recommend a good bottle? Then we would continue to saunter on down Selby (I'll be wearing a skirt, boots, and carrying an umbrella just in case), share some Pad Kee Mow and Panana curry, drink some wine, and stare into each others eyes dreamily.

2. The Happy Gnome


The Happy Gnome has such a fabulous beer list, the only disappointment is that they might have already run out of your favorite by the time you decide. The Gnome has also been friendly to me lately, giving me free beer on my birthday, and also many free samples of scotch from probably the best bartender ever. (Hint: go upstairs.) In fact, that imaginary date we started earlier? Let's stop here next.

3. Moscow on the Hill

maruysa gold

It is a shame that I have not eaten Russian food here yet, instead I have only imbibed on martinis, cocktails, and most recently caramel flavored vodka (free birthday shot, surprisingly tasty and smooth). But really, the martinis are great and not ridiculously priced. The decor is not nearly as chic as Mango Thai, but they have a lovely, leafy patio for those warm summer days. And hey, if that date is STILL going well, we could always stop here. Or save it for another date. There are so many options.

Wow, this really makes me want spring. And cute dates. And dresses. SIGH.


willikat said...

Wait wait! Then there's Nina's, and Mississippi Market, and Muddy Pig... and all the delicious stuff happening at Selby & Snelling (tho that's further down, admittedly).
And lowertown Farmer's Market, and Bulldog, and Mears Park, and and and...

e said...

Oh, this list is not exhaustive. Just present highlights.

ilikethelights said...

everyone is talking about moscow on the hill for a long time now but i have yet to go. must make that happen.

e said...

I'm game whenever!

ilikethelights said...

let's make it happen then. soon.