Saturday, October 15, 2005

this is how we know

Sitemeter is fun. Yes, I know when you look at my site, along with other various things. No, not many people come here but that's okay. But the best are the ones who get here via odd msn searches. Compiled below:

-pictures of fiona apple's eyes
-disgusting pictures
-creepy cupcakes pictures
-pictures of cupcakes (2x)
-cheerleading cupcakes
-martha stewart shirt folder
-i don't even own a gun let alone
-my pictures (2x)

Interesting. I didn't even know people used things besides google or maybe yahoo to look up stuff. But these are the same people who look up "pictures of _____" instead of simply looking up the desired item in a google image search. Hmm, I should really make some cheerleading cupcakes sometime. That would be awesome.

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Anonymous said...

Cheerleading cupcakes. Weird.