Wednesday, February 01, 2006

oh stephanie, how could you?

Jodie Sweeten does meth!!

I'm sorry. This is only fascinating to me because I always viewed Stephanie Tanner as my model peer. I often felt a certain kinship with her as I watched Full House back in the day. We were the same age, and we shared the horror of being the unwanted middle child. ["DJ is always going to be the oldest and Michelle is always going to be the youngest and I'm always going to be STUCK IN THE MIDDLE!" And then they explained that good things come in the middle, like the white part of oreo cookies and so forth. God, why do I remember all of this...] So I always based my actions growing up in comparison to her's. When Stephanie danced to Motownphilly, dammit, I wanted to dance too. Why wasn't I taking dancing lessons and wearing hideous outfits? Clearly that's what every girl my age should have been doing. And when Stephanie went to makeout parties at 13, I had to think about how uncool I must be as there were no makeout parties in sight. Sigh.

Anyway, meth? I guess that's a good way to get back into the spotlight. Or maybe it's proof that Full House is bad for everyone.

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c()ry said...

You should write Stephanie an email about how she was important to you -- she prob could use that right now.

I'm the boy middle child, but between two girls -- so we all had are reason for being special. It was an ideal situation.

My older sister once taped Full House over our own FAMILY home videos because she had to do dishes one Friday night. I was insane mad.