Sunday, March 05, 2006

on television

1. Project Runway
I cannot wait for the finale. I am so excited for it I am having dreams about it. No, seriously! In one dream my sister and I had lunch with Heidi Klum. We asked her all about the times. In another dream, I was flirting with all the Project Runway men, which is odd, since they're gay. I'm rooting for Daniel or Chloe. My money is on Daniel.

Fans should really read this interview with Tim Gunn. [Part 1 and 2] I still love him, but I didn't expect him to be talking shit about the contestants! And who hordes muslin? It's MUSLIN. Chiffon, that makes some sense. Muslin does not.

2. New Scandinavian Cooking
This is one of the shows I sometimes watch during my Saturday morning cooking show marathon on Public Television. It fascinates me to no end because this really cute Norweigan guy goes to a middle of a fjord or something, sets up a kitchen (who cares how? It's Norway! It's magical!), cooks a nice meal, and then invites some of his very attractive Norweigan friends to come eat with him. It's the best looking cooking show there is. Anyway, on the show I just watched, he puts on his scuba gear, dives into the sea, and catches a king crab with his bare hands. (Okay, fine, he had gloves.) I don't even like seafood but it was strangely hot...until he smashed the poor thing on the side of the boat and ripped all its legs off. Yeck.


Mike Makes It Work said...

What'd you think of the finale?

e said...

ummm...overall, pretty disappointing. i really didn't like most of chloe's stuff. i thought daniel and santino had some good pieces, but there were lots of flaws there too. i dunno, i might write about the whole thing soon.

Miketastic said...

Just thought you'd find this Santino interview with the Village Voice interesting.