Saturday, March 18, 2006

weekend update

Oh, I have a lot of stuff to say. Oh, why do I always start sentences with "oh"? I have no idea.

1) On my neighborhood.
Last Saturday I had a lovely afternoon that included walking to the downtown library. I obviously love libraries, but this one takes the cake...just look at it! It's not like all the smallish community libraries that I've been to....which are fine and get the job done, but pale in comparison to this. This one is old and classic, and has marble staircases. And it's within walking distance. Hooray! So, I got a bunch of travel books and trudged back up the hill (which has this view) and settled down in my neighborhood coffee shop. When I left, I very absent-mindedly left my favorite scarf on my chair as I tried to find to perfect song to walk home to. A very nice woman ran after me across the street (while I was oblivious) to return my scarf. It made my day.

2) On Spring not actually being here.
So after my nice weekend, thinking spring was on the way, it snows nearly a foot on Monday. [pictures] My district of course had the foresight to neither cancel school nor delay it, and I showed up to work to discover our building had no power. It was a long day. But it was pretty when I got home. Now of course the snow looks brown and disgusting.

3) On media
I'm taking a nod from Mike to tell you about my media consumption as of late. Besides a bunch of travel books, I also got Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer from the library. I like it so far, especially how it's written in the voice of a 10 year old in a way that's not realistic but also very believable and honest.

And, I've been going through season one of Arrested Development thanks to my new dvd player. There is not much to say except that it is hilarious. And that's why you never teach lessons.


Miketastic said...

1. That library is quite lovely. The library in Cerritos is all new-fangled. When they remodeled it a couple of years back, they put on this weird gold platinum exoskeleton. It is pretty high-tech and actually cool, but soulless. Like a sad robot.

2. I'm busting out the grill on Saturday in honor of the vernal equinox and the arrival of spring.

3. I tried reading Everything is Illuminated but couldn't quite get into it. Perhaps at some point when I find the time, I'll give it another go.

AD was my favorite TV show, but was supplanted by The Office this year.

e said...

1. Who designed that? It looks kinda Frank Gehry inspired. It's nice, but a little soulless, I agree.

2. Hmmmm not spring yet. Grr.

3. I liked Everything is Illuminated for the most part, but I also felt like I didn't quite get all of it. This one is a little more straightforward.

Miketastic said...

I just finished E.i.I. It's pretty frustrating. I'm with you on the not getting of everything. I had to look up reviews of the book to see if I could glean anything that would, ahem, illuminate some facets of the novel for me. I agree with much of what this review says about it. Yeah, the literary trick of using the dueling points-of-view was kind of neat, but really, it turned out that half of the book was either plain boring or confusing.