Wednesday, March 01, 2006

silicone! it's not just for fake breasts!

So, when I was moving into my apartment and scrambling to get everything I would ever need in my kitchen (which was pretty much everything, since all I had was a bread knife), my mom offered to give me a few things she didn't need from a silicone bakeware set she got. It was probably something like this. And even though I'm not into fancy pants baking technology, I wasn't about to say no to a loaf pan when I had none to call my own.

I finally broke in the sucker tonight. If you don't know, it's this kind of plasticy material that will not melt (!), and you can squish it all about. [Me trying to describe it to my sister when I couldn't remember it was silicone: "Uhhh, it's this stuff you can bake things in, and it's like, you know, floppy?" Her: "Yeah, I have no idea what you're talking about."] I filled it in with banana bread dough, and look at what happened to it!


The amazing pan couldn't take the weight of my awesome banana bread. Lumpy bread, sheesh. But when I took it out of the floppy pan, it did come out beautifully (although still lumpy) with little effort on my part.
football bread

[Yes, tinfoil can be a cooling rack. Another thing I haven't gotten yet.]

For those of you keeping score at home:
-1 for lumpy loaf
+1 for ease of removal
+ a gazillion because my banana bread is awesome even if it looks like a football
+1 for chocolate chips
+ 1 for walnuts
total = a gazillion plus 2. Not bad!

Now some hot steamy action* for you:

*Man, I'm going to get the best search referrals from this post. Fake breasts and hot steamy action, ohhh yeah.
p.s. anonymous comments are back, baby!


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YES! said the anonymous commenter. Or is it commentator?

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