Sunday, February 25, 2007

snow emergency.

The Hunter-Gatherer, Parking Division

Speaking of parking, I had my own parking troubles to deal with today. More like..snow problems. The phantom snowstorm that people kept making threats about FINALLY appeared and...well, brought a lot of snow with it. It's funny what a pile of snow will do to people - it makes them NICE. As I tried to dig out my plowed in car with a sled (no shovel), a nice church going family helped me out. Then comes more help with a shovel. Later in the afternoon when I was trying to move my car somewhere else so it doesn't get towed tonight, I got stuck in a parking lot trying to turn around. Another nice man helped shovel me out, and then when I told him of my plight he said I should just park there, as they never tow. So when I walked back to my place and saw a girl trying to dig out her car with an ice scraper, I grabbed the shovel from my building and passed along the favor.

Here's to hoping my car isn't towed by the morning.

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