Saturday, February 24, 2007

triple digits!

I was about to update my silly blog with something inconsequential, but then I realized that it would be my 100th post. Such a monumental occasion deserves something better, more refined. I started this as a link blog back from the days when I was on the internet looking at silly stuff all the time, and I wanted to share my favorite links. But every now and then it branched out, and now its focus is even more scattered. I figured all this out as I was scanning through my old posts, and I thought I'd share my favorites.

Review of silicone bakeware
Review of new Aquafresh toothpaste (which I now use all the time)
Analysis of friendster PR photos
Ode to Martha Stewart
Weekend magazine survey
Mini pop culture review
My lunar love affair

And now I will make the promise that my next 100 posts will be amazing in every way. Happy 100th post, blog!

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