Monday, August 08, 2005

have a nice WEEKEND?

I was up at the family cabin last week for a few days, and my sister brought the premiere issue of Weekend Magazine (which apparently has no website I can find). It's pretty much the exact same thing as Real Simple, except more based around things one might do on the weekend, like have clambakes, visit expensive spas or redecorate the already spotless and neat laundry room. Yeah...there was one hilarious article where the laundry room was in "disarray" because...well, we never really understood why. But after some fresh paint, an expensive laundromat style hamper and turning the ironing board around it really did look better! Anyway, you get the idea. An emphasis on organizing and relaxation skills for people with time and money. They had a survey and since I was bored I decided to fill it out.

If you were to visit the Weekend website, what would you like to see?
Pictures of men wearing J. Crew clothing in various stages of undress.

What do you like best about Weekend?
The upper-middle class idealism that we all strive to achieve.

If additional editorial content was added, what would you like to see?
More articles about cluttered laundry room that show me how bad mine is - I am so embarassed. Shocked and appalled, even.

If you decided not to subscribe to Weekend, why would you not subscribe?
Because it would increase the clutter in my life, causing me stress, nausea, and malaise.*

*also: ennui.

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