Monday, August 08, 2005


I saw Me and You and Everyone We Know a week ago, and I cannot stop thinking about it. I want to tell my friends about every scene that I liked (which is much of the movie), but I stop because I don't want to ruin anything for them in case they want to see it. After I saw it I knew I liked it, but the feeling has grown since. It's like a visual earworm, if that makes sense at all. So anyway, in the absence of being able to watch it again right now or even being able to gush about it with someone who's seen it, I've been reading the movie's blog again. I started exploring it when I wanted to see the movie initially, but it's much more relevant now. I like the way Miranda deals with her success (such as talking about paying off debts and buying new shoes). I like the way she is proud of her movie and yet nervous as she sees people in line to see it. But most of all, I adore Brandon's blogs (the adorable 6 year old actor). They're so honest and heart-warming. I hope he can read those when he's 16. So, yeah. Go see this right now please.


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