Wednesday, August 10, 2005

apple, you win.

I have managed to fend off the ipod crazies who have been invading the universe for a while now. I've read the countless articles about how someone's ipod changed their life without feeling too left out. I've maintained the idea that yeah, ipods might be okay if I could afford one, but I'd rather spend my money on other, more important things. Even after I had explored other people's ipods and marveled at how freakishly small they are, I still managed to hold on to my ambivalence about the damn things. That's until last week, when I decided to borrow my brother's mini to go on a run alongside some farmlands up north. And it was quite convenient to have ALL THAT MUSIC literally in the palm of my hand. Of course, it was my bro's music so I had to filter through a lot of crap. Which is why if I had my own it would be even better! Sigh.

So anyway. That means my current wishlist is:
1. Apple ibook
2. Apple ipod
3. A job to pay for all of these things.

See, it's like I'm already one of those Apple fanatics even though I'm typing this on a Dell computer that is too old to even support itunes.

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