Tuesday, August 02, 2005

gah! typos!

Bottled Water = Bad News
This makes me feel better about drinking (GASP) tap water. I knew a girl who wouldn't even give her CAT water that hadn't been through her Brita. Also, I don't remember where I got this link anymore but at the end it says "YOUR REG SYSTEM IS EVIL". Interesting!

Interview with MarkDefamer
Interesting stuff, especially the love/hate relationship with celebrities.

Flickr "Interestingness"
Fun. I wish I took nice pictures.

Warning! Adorable/future hipster Finnish baby photo link
Lots of other stylish people there, depending on your definition of stylish.

I'm out of town for a bit. Northwestern MN, and then Madison. I get to spend something like 8 hours in a car Friday NOT listening to This American Life. Whee!

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