Monday, August 22, 2005

i'm almost on empty

Dear Friend,
Do you drive a car? Take the bus? Maybe you only bike or walk anywhere, which obviously makes you better than most other Americans. Congrats to you. Have you noticed that gas is expensive? And it just seems to be getting more expensive? Sucks, huh? And even though we keep saying, "Man, gas is expensive!" the price never really seems to go down.

Sometimes I like to watch the news when I am making dinner and the reruns of Seinfeld aren't on yet. Every single goddamn day the news has to remind us that gas is expensive. New all-time high! Now show some stock-footage of people filling up their suburbans.

But today the news reached its lowest point. CBS has decided to, ahem, drive around the country exploring the rising costs of gas and how it affects people. Um, hello. People pay more for gas, have less money for other stuff, consider other options, complain a lot, take less road trips, complain some more, but mostly just keep on driving and paying for gas like everyone else. Fascinating stuff. I expect many heart-breaking stories about the man with the giant truck who paid $100 to fill his tank. I will be tuning in all week. So should you.


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