Monday, February 19, 2007


1. Gap Body cotton hipster underwear
My friend and I have the same problem: we LOVE this underwear. LOVE IT. Except...both of us have had pairs start to unravel after only a few washings. We want to buy more, but we know that they're just going to fall apart! What's a girl to do?

2. Myspace
Truth be told, ever since I've made my profile private I spend very little time on there. But on occasion I do like to check up on friends who insist on using the service - it's just the nature of the beast. Only whenever I try to open a message, see someone's new pictures, or read their blog, it takes FOREVER. And a day. How millions of people are completely addicted to a site that barely works is beyond me.

3. My shower
My apartment is old. It has charm, and it also has charm. My shower is the opposite of charming. Let's ignore the fact that it is low flow - that I can handle. The bigger annoyance is its completely manic temperature control. Scalding hot! Ice cold! And so I spend half my shower in the corner, trying to fiddle with the knobs enough so I don't burn/freeze myself. I never knew I could swear so much at falling water.


Beej! said...


Also? Buy the undies. They're just undies.

Sarah said...

I don't know what troubles you're having with MySpace, because I don't have any. It loads efficiently and correctly for me! So there.

e said...

It's the slowest site on the internet!@!@!

Sarah said...

For you!!!!!