Monday, July 02, 2007

Monday madness!

I decided to get my sister a pedicure for her birthday, and figured I might as well get one for myself too. My feet are nice and soft from the scrapings (although I tend to do that pretty well on my own), but now my formerly naked nails have GIRLY PINK ON THEM. (A poor color choice on my part.) They are so pretty and GIRLY I kind of can't stand it.

The nail place we happened to go to (which did a fine job for a decent price) is in Coon Rapids. Coon Rapids is a suburb with a horrible name. Coon Rapids also has this frightening maze of a shopping complex which has, by my estimation, every American chain store/restaurant in existence. It's so big it spans two exits! We took the wrong one, looped back, and in driving around trying to find the nail place came back to the same place. Surreal. (No really, my sister didn't believe me when I said it didn't make sense that there would be TWO PetSmarts that close to each other.) There was also this hilarious sign: a crossed out pedestrian, like a no parking sign! YOU CAN'T WALK IN THE SUBURBS!

Buying Into the Green Movement
I like this one, even though I think it kind of polarizes the issue. Someone suggests to buy one normal pair of jeans instead of buying 5 pairs of organic cotton jeans, to which I ask, "Who is buying 5 pairs of organic jeans??" And hell, don't compare a hybrid Lexus to a Yaris, that's just nuts. But they do address the conflict of trying to decide how much one can actually do on a personal level, which I appreciate.

Tread Lightly, Fly Directly
Similar stuff, but in a nice list format! Mmm lists.

Response to NYTimes article from WorldChanging

Good stuff here, too.

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