Wednesday, August 08, 2007

my new friends.

Over a week ago I stopped by the park on my way home from the coffee shop, which I had to leave because it was too freaking cold in there. I planted myself at a shady table and worked on a stolen crossword puzzle and then continued to read my book. The park is close to the Y, and there were a group of kids wandering around having a bbq. It smelled really good.

As I'm reading, a group of boys, carrying plates of food, approached my table (hey, a shady table is prime park real estate) and asked if they could sit there. I said sure, and since my book was boring me I started talking to them, asking them where they went to school, what the camp was like, etc. Before long their counselor calls them back. I say, "Tell him you're not bothering me." They came back, and there was some confusion and I had to assure the counselor that I was cool with the kids.

The boys (who are in middle school) wandered back and forth, and at one point one came back and asked if I wanted a hamburger or hot dog. I took the hot dog and thanked him. He said, "Yeah, I thought it was rude of us to eat in front of you." Then he explained that they were all members of the Gentleman's Club. "Uhh..the what?" I asked innocently, though thinking of things too naughty for boys their age. But it was nothing of the sort, the Gentleman's Club is a club they joined after they passed a test about manners, and the bbq was their prize.

The whole encounter was super charming and made my day. I ran into one boy I was talking with this Monday. He called me "teacher." It almost makes me ready to go back to work.

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Sarah said...

That's too adorable!