Thursday, August 16, 2007

skirts! for running!

So, I was emailing a friend about running this weekend and one of the google links on the side was about running skirts. I thought, "skirts? While running??" but was also very intrigued. And this is how I ended up at Some thoughts that went through my head as I explored:
  • "Girly-girl" style? Ah, HELL NO.
  • There's a whole side-tab designated for PINK SKIRTS? Oh god.
  • Well, okay, let's check out the design.
  • Kind of pricey, but HEY! THEY COME WITH POCKETS!
  • Hmm...skirts in action...oh man, cute girls in cute skirts RUNNING. I must have one.
And thus was the process of my semi-brainwashing. But really it makes sense. I like running. I like skirts. Put them together? RUNNING SKIRTS! Sort of genius.

(It's kind of sad though, that I don't buy anything except food, drinks, and running gear as of late.)

Oh god, now I'm looking at another site and it's so ridiculous. They're telling me to embrace my gorgeous wearing a running skirt. This ends now!


Ed Kohler said...

I keep seeing those ads too. And I'm definitely not in the market for a skirt. Running or otherwise.

Johnny said...

you're silly, ecca.

willikat said...

not gonna lie. i'd be all over the girly-girl pink running skirt page.

e said...

ed - I think they should make running skirts for men. That would be hot.

johnny - Wherever did you come up with that name? Though it is kind of cute.

willikat - I'm a fan of the green and blue can always find girly pink exercise clothes, but never green!

Anonymous said...

hahah!!! the wonders of marketing!

I got sucked in too.. but by this brand -

I LOVE their commitment skirt. No more chub rub for me.