Sunday, September 23, 2007

it's a little weird that you're so obsessed with squirrels.

You seem like a nice guy and all, and I hate to be the one to tell you this, but...well, here goes. It's a little weird that you're so obsessed with squirrels. Everyone has their interests, and sometimes quirky interests are endearing, but the squirrel obsession is a bit much. Sure, squirrels are kind of funny and entertaining, for a few minutes, but the average person's interest stops there. But not for you - you take pictures, you name them, you take some more pictures. It's like you don't realize that most squirrels look the same. What's even worse is that your obsession with photographing squirrels isn't a little-known secret on your hard drive, it's all over the internet, so anyone who comes across it knows you're crazy. Oh gee, I'm sorry. That's a little harsh. But it is a little weird, that's all I'm saying. Do you really want to be that guy who's obsessed with squirrels?


tim j said...

that's not entirely crazy -- crazy is building squirrel houses and making squirrel clothes. Now, I enjoy watching the hilarity of squirrels as much as the next guy -- but I have much better uses of my time.

Did you know that they have squirrel entertainment items, like corncobs on a twirly-stick to keep them active and yourself amuse? It's true!

(wow, little squirrel chairs?)

e said...

Wow, after looking at that, I don't understand how anyone could NOT be obsessed with squirrels!

Hahah I like the ear of corn sitting in the swing.