Saturday, September 08, 2007

open letters to food.

Dear Almonds,

You are so delicious, and yet you will prove to be the death of my bank account. I just can't help it. I always buy you from bulk bins for at least $8 a pound, and your goodness comes pouring out and before I know it, I've spent $11 on almonds that I can eat in a week! Why can't you be priced more like a peanut?

Yours for richer or poorer,

Dear Apples,

Sometimes I forget how delicious you are. I'm truly sorry for that. I also understand where the term "bad apple" comes from. But the apple I ate today, you are a good apple. I look forward to eating you while walking, because for some reason that is really fun. And sexy.


Dear Grilled Cheese with Sharp Cheddar,

You are possibly the most versatile sandwich in the world. You are good with mustard, you are good with tomatoes, you are good with avocado, and you are splendid with the aforementioned apples. Is there anything you can't do?


Dear Body,

Thank you for putting up with my many miles of running, which in turn lets me eat anything I want.



tim j said...

apple picking is just around the corner, and we can't wait. Last year I was able to make sooooo much applesauce, the last of which we just finished off this week.

Any preference for apple variety? Personally, I'm a Granny Smith/Braeburn/Jonnagold man myself. Hampshires are delicious as well. But you haven't lived until you've tried the Ida Red.

e said...

My parents have some apples, we talked about making applesauce.

I like Mcintosh (sp?), braeburn, honeycrisp and probably some others. I hate red "delicious" and I'm not big on granny smith for eating. But I should probably try some new varieties...

tim j said...

I liked Red "Delicious" when I was like, 6. Now I find them mealy and kind of grossly artificial.

If you need an applesauce recipe, let me know. Mine involves maple syrup and rum and/or brandy.