Sunday, September 30, 2007

khaela & miranda.

It only makes sense that Miranda July and Khaela Maricich (The Blow) are good friends and stage ridiculously quirky and charming interviews with each other. Of course it also makes sense that Khaela interviews her song instead of, well...I don't know what.

And it makes sense that instead of doing the dishes and picking my perfect outfit to wear to see The Blow tonight, I am reading interviews and updating this.

It makes sense that on the day I am to see Khaela play, I also returned the Miranda July book to the library. Although some of the stories were much better than others, when I finished it I felt kind of sad. It was that whole What am I going to read now? feeling. (The New Yorker? Gosh, the New Yorker is like a second job.) And it's sad to return a book when you meant to write down more quotes from it to remember it by. I only got one:

Past a certain age, they give up on the name games, which is regrettable for someone like me who loves anything that involves going around a circle and saying something about yourself. I wish there was a class where we could just keep going around the circle, around and around, until we had finally said everything about ourselves.

[From No One Belongs Here More Than You, by Miranda July]

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