Tuesday, January 22, 2008

ode to my cat.


I got this little one a year ago. I picked her out at the Humane Society and just knew. I've been really lucky, she is sweet and affectionate and loves to play. Yes, she can sometimes be annoying by vocalizing her need to be entertained (and often), but I have never once regretted having her. So thank you, sweet kitty. Thank you for waiting for me at the door whenever I come home from work, thank you for our nighttime ritual of reading and cuddling, thank you for making me laugh so frequently because of your ridiculousness, and thank you for unconditionally loving anyone who walks through my door. Here's to many more years together.


p.s. if you could kindly get off my lap, maybe I could get my camera? Sheesh.


willikat said...

we got our molly last january too!

e said...

Yay, pet anniversaries!