Friday, January 04, 2008


On Consumption
I just really really like this article. It also makes me very sad.

Easy White Bean recipe
I made this for dinner with brown rice, and it's super filling and delicious. Even without the bacon!

On Politics
I'm not a huge fan of politics for reasons I don't feel like getting into here, but I decided I wanted to watch the Democratic portion of the debates last night. Of course, now I'm sucked into reading the analysis of the debate and it's bad news. Speaking of politics....I need to decide my plan for the Republican Convention which will be a stone's throw away from my apartment. Should I house hippie protesters for free or charge rich republicans to stay here? Or, run the hell away? Oh, decisions.


tim j said...

host hippies, but make them trade you some really pretty rocks in exchange.

Anonymous said...

i like being sad. what article is it that makes you sad?

also, rent out the place to rich repubs, but nanny cam the shit out of your place and see how they like big brother all up in their lives.

e said...

Ack, my link is broken! Lame. I'll edit it, but it is here.

I don't know that my place is nice enough for RICH republicans. Middle class republicans, perhaps.

(who are you, anon?)

willikat said...

i live dir across the street from where some might stay. we've considered posting "go home" signs in our windows. :)