Sunday, February 24, 2008

french press.


I'm not a huge coffee drinker. I don't have a coffee maker because it would take up too much space, so I stick to tea during the week and save my coffee for the weekends. I've always wanted a french press because silly me thinks it to be more romantic, and now I finally have one! (It was a birthday gift courtesy of the boy.)

So I just now finished my first cup of coffee pressed in my own apartment and my fingers are a weeeee bit shaky. But I'm feeling oh so European and caffeinated and generally fancy as I sit in my mismatched PJs on a Sunday morning. Maybe I should make an omelette to continue with my fancy morning. Or, french toast?! Except I have no bread. Perhaps pancakes?

(I apologize for this hyper stream of consciousness post but perhaps the coffee is helpful as I currently have two drafts started that I just can't finish. Here's a cute vase that's made of drinking glasses and colored condoms. Also, I'm freaking out because a friend just told me that there's a fungus slowly killing bananas and even though I don't even LIKE bananas that much, I eat them almost every goddamn day. Ooh having read that I should totally make banana pancakes.)

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