Saturday, February 16, 2008

diary of a foodie.

I used to have a Saturday tradition of watching cooking shows on PBS, which has sadly fallen to the wayside in the past months. My standby favorite is America's Test Kitchen, but it's gotten a bit boring lately. Other favorites tend to get recycled in and out with no warning, which can be disappointing when they're good. (As evidenced here - I have not seen that one in months.)

But seeing as how I'm sick and sniffly today, I found myself catching an episode of my new favorite show: Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie. (warning: that link will play a video on click) I've seen it a few times, and they're often focusing on sustainable farms and eateries from around the world and it's just really fun. Today's show caught my attention because it was all about food bloggers (though none that I currently read). David Lebovitz talked about Paris and its specialty cheese shops with amazing eggs and of course, I too wanted to move there. But mostly the episode just motivated me to blog more about food, even if I'll never be featured on tv because of it.


Mace Elaine said...

Yes! I miss my mornings with cooking shows. I'm down a PBS station now, here in SF, and I seem to be sleeping or rushing out of the house on weekend mornings. Diary of a Foodie is fantastic - I loved the episode about old-school techniques. It made me want to make liqueurs with an alembic. And I am seriously in love with Chris Kimble. I have added you to my RSS feed, oh yes.

e said...

I totally never saw the one about old school techniques, that sounds fun.