Tuesday, March 18, 2008

ingredients for a sick day.

I am home sick. I started off excited for a day off last night, then felt crappy, woke up feeling crappy, and now am feeling a bit better for the time being. I still love sick days in theory because it's a paid day off where you're absolutely supposed to be lazy. Still, there a few crucial ingredients one needs to make the best of a sick day (the best one can have while still being sick, anyway).

Oh soup, I could marry you. I'm all for making my own soup, but that defies the lazy rule. So when I'm sick I usually head to a fancy grocer to get supplies, including hot soup. Sometimes I'll even break my "no-processed soup" rule and get instant noodle soups. They're like fancy ramen.

Something is wrong with my throat and tea goes down so much better than water or juice. (Which I managed to forget during the trip to the grocery store.) I've been all into Stash Tea lately, especially the herbal varieties. It's not too expensive but it's still tasty. I can even drink some of it without sugar now. I'm growing up, or something.

Too bad I burned through my last dvds of the Wire. Now I might have to watch an actual movie.

I only went on here on a whim, but when I started to put in symptoms for headache I had to crack up as the head symptoms include everything from sense of impending doom to fear of air to headache (worst ever). So great.

Random internet fun:
I like this dress. Actually, what I really like is the pockets. I want a dress with pockets.

Simply Breakfast.
Artful pictures of breakfast. That's it. (But it at least supports my tendency to take pictures of my food.)

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