Friday, March 28, 2008

more lists!

So I am on spring break. (Yeaaaahhh. Wooooo. Yeeeehaw.) I have no travel plans, which is new, and somewhat refreshing. I guess. I mean, HOW AWESOME! I AM TOTALLY GOING TO GET SHIT DONE! In fact, I need to make a list here so I actually do it. (Note: this is not so much for you, dear reader, to read with fascination as it is boring. But something about posting things on the internet makes me feel more accountable. AND using the strike html command is almost as fun as crossing things off a list with pen.)

- Make things (purse, apron, door curtain)
- Errands (bike stores, urban outfitters (on an impossible quest for new jeans), vintage stores, fabric stores)
- Taxes
- Mop floor, see also MASSIVE SPRING CLEANING
- New Yorkers. So many. Organize and recycle/give away.*
- Finish Middlesex. (started in January....sheesh.)
- Library!
- Do work crap (see other list)
- Plant paper white bulbs
- Update resume.

*That should be italicized, but I like it better that way, as if I'm going to organize the huge amount of New York citizens in my apartment.

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willikat said...

ah yes, the new yorker dilemma. so much good writing, you feel guilty throwing it away. my sub lapsed last year and i miss it.