Tuesday, September 06, 2005

concert calendar

You could read this guide, which contains 10 concerts that will supposedly ROCK YOUR WORLD! That is, if you're into super predictable lists containing mostly sold-out arena shows. What else are they going to add? The Rolling Stones? Bruce Springsteen? I hear they're good.

Or you could browse through my list. It's actually pretty predictable as well, if you know my taste in music at all.

Sufjan Stevens - 9/18 @ First Ave.
This is a must, and I am praying that it's not sold out yet. I always assume that shows do not sell out, but sometimes they do. I will cry and kick myself if it is.

Sigur Ros - 9/24 @ the State Theatre
It's a little pricey, and has assigned seats, and no one I know wants to pony up the money to see them even though they are spectacular live. We'll see what happens.

Architecture in Helsinki - 9/29 - @ 7th St. Entry
They're playing the same night as the Arcade Fire...hah. But the Arcade Fire is sold out, and I am somewhat over them. Whee.

Mates of State - 10/3 @ the Triple Rock
With Hockey Night opening! Sweet! Both very fun, very cute bands.

The Decemberists - 10/21 @ First Ave.
I'm actually not super interested in seeing them again, but I know it's only because the Fine Line is stupid and overcrowded. They always put on a good show.

The New Pornographers
- 10/22 @ First Ave.
Given the choice, I would definitely see them over the Decemberists. Speaking of which, I still haven't heard Twin Cinema yet. I'm way behind.

There's a few more that piqued my interest but I'll leave it at that for now. So much to choose from!


Paul said...

It's kinda too bad you're "over" Arcade Fire, cuz their show was the most superfantastic thing EVER. I'm sure you've heard by now how amazing Bell Orchestre were (they played first, and the trumpet player said "Gee, we're not used to audiences actually PAYING ATTENTION to us. This is so cool. Hey, so, the drummer and I need a place to stay tonight. Anyone...?") as well as how Arcade Fire did the oh-so-cool walking through the audience and playing the encore in the lobby thing. It was heavenly, to say the least. I took my daughter, who's 14, and after we watched the aforementioned encore from the balcony entrance, smooshed together with 40 other people, peeking through the little space above the lobby, she turned to me and said, "OK, I can die happy now."

So, not that you missed much... :-)

How was Architecture in Helsinki? I actually like the 2 songs of theirs I've heard.

e said...

i've seen them before, in less than ideal circumstances, but i know they're good live. and it sold out before i even really though about going. but, arch. was pretty fun. i liked them.