Saturday, September 17, 2005

i, i, i

I haven't been posting lately because I've been too busy playing with my new ibook. Annnnnnd my new ipod. Yes, I have given in! I've been trying to transfer files, and generally get maclimated, so to speak. The mac thing is going fine, but I've been really annoyed with itunes and also my ipod somewhat (even though it is lovely to run with). Change is good, but I hate it sometimes. Buying all of this was a trip cause it ended up costing about as much as my car (before mail-in rebates). Man, technology! Insane.

Anyway. As a rare treat to my loyal readers, or loyal random stopovers, here's an mp3 for you.
Mirah and Friends - Oh! September
Summer isn't over yet, you see. To me this song is a tribute to that pre-autumn time that is just lovely. So what if the random singers don't have the best, on-key vocals. It's fun.

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Skrobs! said...

I am at the library, but I just had to mention that Oh September has been the ultimate drive around in my car with the windows down on hot summer nights song. If only I were in Madison, it would make it so much more fun. But the sultry southern evenings will do, I suppose.