Thursday, June 26, 2008

legacy chocolates.

I'm going to a wedding this weekend - wait, no, I'm going to two weddings this weekend. Well, ACTUALLY, I'm going to one reception for a wedding that already occurred and one full wedding.

For the reception only wedding, the invitation specifies not to bring gifts. Yet I feel a bit naked bringing nothing to an event like this. So what's the perfect gift for someone who claims not to want gifts? No, it's not a crystal vase or a figurine with a faceless couple holding hands. The perfect gift? Consumables. And what is a better consumable than chocolate? The answer was all too clear. (And don't worry, I checked in with my friend first and she said that this type of gift would be acceptable.)

I think, really, I just wanted an excuse to go to Legacy Chocolates. [At Cleveland and Marshall in St. Paul] I've only heard good things about the place, and I love chocolate, so it seemed quite pathetic that I hadn't been there yet. So I hopped on my bike and chose a wide selection of truffles to go in a pretty box, plus one for myself.

I hadn't quite thought out that chocolates + heat = bad news, so that killed my plans to stop by the vintage stores at Snelling and Selby on the way home. I biked home quickly under the hot sun, knowing that a mason jar full of iced tea and a shower awaited me. (Of course, I wasn't yet aware that a centipede was also waiting for me in the shower. There was screaming.)

Back to the chocolate. After the truffle had a chance to get cool again, I decided to eat my one and only. It was an 85% espresso truffle, and oh my god. It was, dare I say, better than Izzy's ice cream just doors away. Why didn't I buy more? That was extraordinarily stupid of me.


willikat said...

man do i love the vintage shopping at snelling and selby.

e said...

Yes, me too.

(congrats on the wedding, by the way!)