Saturday, June 21, 2008

the naming of things.

Many thanks to James for helping me with my new banner. (Banner! Of course! How did I forget that?) Even though our methods would probably be laughed at by any designer, they work for now. Although we did notice that I have all these pictures, none of which are of cupcakes. So maybe at some point I will change the name of this blog and move the entire thing to wordpress. Or not, because I would certainly have a total crisis about a new title.

Going back to cupcakes and pictures thereof, I FINALLY went to A Piece of Cake, a delightful bakery in my neighborhood. I've walked by it so many times, usually alone, and it just seems like cute cakes and baked goods are things to be shared. Of course, whenever I was with people we weren't hungry or it was closed. But yesterday I had friends in town, and we shared a peanut butter filled cupcake and some lemon yummy things. And yes, they were quite good.

a piece of cake

THERE. It's a picture of a cupcake. And my job for the day is done.

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